Alternate Media Advertising

For clients looking for a more impactful or interactive form of advertising. Alternative media allows you to spread your message in a more interactive way by using various mediums. Due to the fact that these mediums are unique it will offer your brand the flare it deserves. Within alternative media there are various platforms which range in pricing, this offers client some room to ensure their budget is well spent with an effective ROI.

The Pinpoint Media team are able to place your advertisement on various alternative mediums around South Africa

Digital | platforms located in unique locations

Mega Sites | Large format sites located nationally

ATM Advertising | Exposing your brand on ATM machines

Iconic Sites | Giving your brand the iconic status it deserves

Cut-Out Billboards | Billboards which have a 3D element

Night Life Projections | Projecting your brand for higher impact

Wall Murals | Painted onto strategic walls in lower demographic areas